Rails e-commerce that doesn't hurt
While we're in the planning stage this page will provide some introductory information only.

this about?

What we've found lacking with the current crop of open source e-commerce systems are those features that help manage the internet marketing tasks, the other 60% of running a site. These include customer tracking (clickstream) and segmentation, conversion analysis and optimization (split and multivariable testing), customer lifecycle management and customer retention, merchandising (on-site promotions), advertising campaign management (pay-per-click, email campaigns) as well as links to back-office systems (accounting, fulfillment, shipping). Some of this overlaps with CRM, but its really focused on making the store manager's job easier through automation.

Taken all at once this can be quite overwhelming so we're looking at designing a very basic shopping cart framework that can be extended with these sub-systems over time, as desired.


How do I

Currently, we're in the planing stage and would like to encourage everybody who's interested to contribute ideas, suggestions, feature requests, etc.

You can do so by posting in our forums, by submitting new feature requests or by directly contacting one of the project admins.

We'd also like to encourage you, to go to the forums and introduce yourself, so that we get to know you and your technical and personal background. We're very eager to attract new developers, documentation writers and end users.

Hoping to hear from you soon!